Saturday, March 24, 2012

[ECCC] Week 3

“The 2012 Jersey Devil”

This is the 4th overall weekend for the ECCCseason, but my 3rd weekend racing as I skipped the weekend before because we were in South Carolina for Spring Break.

I decided to sign up for the Road Race on Saturday and skip the races on Sunday.

The big decision this weekend was for me and Jamie to move up to Women’s A to score some bigger points for the team.

The Road Race was super challenging and very fun.
Truthfully, my legs were still a wreck from spring break training and I wasn’t so sure that this race was going to go as well as the Stevens Circuit. I was pretty close to tears when I did Triggerpoint the night before, so needless to say I was frightened of the monstrous hill that loomed in the distance that morning.
Course Description: A 4.4 mile loop with rolling hills and one large climb. That ‘one large climb’ was in the first mile and a half of the course, and the remainder was an awesome bomb downhill with some flat sections leading into the climb. 310 ft of climbing per lap and my race did 6 laps total.

Click here for the RR Results:

Jamie wound up popping her tire on one of the potholes on the first lap and had to drop out unfortunately. But I stuck with it for the rest of the race even though my legs wanted me to quit. A couple girls went off the front and stayed there the whole time (they’re really strong) while a lead pack formed with me and about 5 other girls after the 2nd lap. During the climb on the 5th lap, I could feel my legs starting to itch to cramp and I knew it wasn’t going to be good for the last lap. Luckily I timed it well because I wouldn’t have been able to do that climb a 7th time. During the last lap, I fell off the back of the pack on the steepest section because I could feel my inner quads seizing and just beginning to cramp every time I stood up. I was still able to catch up during the less steep part just before the downhill and came in with the rest of the group to the sprint finish.

I ended up 6th in Women’s A! I would’ve gotten 2nd in Women’s B which would have been 4 less points than what I got, so it’s a good thing I moved up even if it was just for one race!

Here is a link to the ECCC Blog post for the weekend:

Next up, the March Madness Duathlon in Central Park tomorrow!

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