Sunday, June 10, 2012

Escape From Alcatraz.. Again. 2012

Escape From Alcatraz
San Francisco, California
June 10th, 2012

1.5 Mile Swim --- 18 Mile BIKE --- 8 Mile RUN

Round 2 of the Escape from Alcatraz adventure!
I qualified for this because I won my age group in 2011 and they always invite the previous champ back to defend his/her title. I figured I might as well accept it and make the drive to San Francisco since I was going to be back home in CA at that time anways.

I used my mom’s 2012 Felt ZW3 for this race because the bike elevation profile is either straight up or straight down for most of the race. I learned my lesson from the previous year, and since I had my mom’s new bike at my disposal, I decided to go for it with the road bike. It definitely proved useful! I could move much faster up the steep hills and I felt more confident on the technical curvy downhills.

Special shout out to Nicole Ogrosso and Gabby Czernik for cheering me on the whole time!!! Gabby came out to SF with the intention of racing, but an injury held her back and they allowed her to push the entry back to next year. Nicole had applied in the lottery, but since she didn’t make it, she wanted to come out for an SF trip anyways with Gabby. Pretty awesome! We did a swim warmup together the day before the race. Chilly, but super fun to be out in the SF bay with my Stevens swimming alumni friends!!

The race went very well. I was way more pleased with it than my 2011 out-of-shape performance. I redeemed myself on the run and the whole race was a good push. A couple girls in my age group passed me on the run and I got bumped to 3rd in my age group even with a huge time drop from last year. The new competition was a welcome rush!

Speaking of a rush, watching Mr. Andy Potts bike by me out on the course and then run by me in a flash as he was on the flats heading back to the finish line was AWESOME. As most of you probably know by now, I am a sucker for getting star struck. Just like last year, the awards ceremony was grand. I looooooved seeing the pros up close! Great day.s

Swim = 34:07, 84th OA, 3rd Division
Pace = 1:18

T1= 5:57

Bike= 1:01:06, 375 OA, 1st Division
Average power = 170
Average speed = 17.7  
Bike HR Avg = 171
Elevation =

T2= 1:29
Sand Ladder= 3:13

Run = 1:04:57, 334 OA, 3rd Division
Run pace = 8:08
Run HR Avg =
Elevation =

Overall time = 2:47:33
Overall Place = 168 OA, 24th Female OA, 3rd Division

Would I do this race again? Last year I said hell now after I finished. This year... Heck yes I’m entering the lottery!