Monday, October 23, 2017

#PandaPower Shop 2017-2018



These collections will help fund the remainder of my racing through August 2018. I would love to travel to some European races and this money will go towards travel expenses!

#PandaPower 3.0

Similar listing with material and sizing description: Sockguy TurboWool. See all the TurboWool offerings here. TURBOwool deluxe wool blend from SockGuy is 5x stronger than Merino wool alone!

#PandaPower 2.0

Similar listing with material and sizing description: Sockguy 6"SockGuy's SGX™ socks

Limited number in both collections but I will re-order if demand is high! Looking for #PandaPower 1.0?

In person = 1 for $15 or 2 for $25

On-line Prices+Shipping:
  • 1 for $18 [$3 shipping]
  • 2 for $35 [$3 shipping]
  • 3 for $50 [$2 shipping]
  • 5 for $75 [free shipping over $75]

Want one of each?! Use code SGX+WOOL at checkout if you have 1 SGX pair and 1 WOOL pair in your cart! Must have both for the discount!

Coming to 2017 Cincinnati CX Festival or the Derby City Cup for Pan Am Champs? Use code PANAM17 at checkout for free shipping and I'll bring your socks to the races!

If you want to mix-match sizes for the bundles, shoot me a note

Link to Shopify store on Facebook with additional details and descriptions... SDG Team Page:

Or purchase directly through these links if you know what you want and your shopping cart will appear on the right...

S/M 3.0

L/XL 3.0

S/M 2.0

L/XL 2.0

GRIMPEUR BROS #PANDAPOWER 2.0 SOCKS + 9 Dub Espresso 8 oz. bag is still in stock! CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Friday, February 17, 2017

#PandaPower 1.0 Revival

Sockguy has decided to sell #PandaPower 1.0 through their regular sales channels!

Purchase away on their website here: #PandaPower 1.0 Online
.. And you can also ask your LBS to order as well!

A portion of the profits do go back to me, which is insanely awesome and you should tell Sockguy they're rad for doing this.