Monday, September 24, 2012

Orangeman - Sept '12

Doheny State Beach, CA

1.2mile SWIM --- 56mile BIKE

This was a fun race. My main motive for signing up was the fact that it was 56 miles of open road, mostly on a shut-down Ortega Highway. You can’t beat that! The first half was tough as nails climbing, but the downhill back half was pure awesome!

Swim – 29:30, 1st place FOA, 2nd place OA
T1= 2:23

Bike – 2:48:34, 1st place FOA, 2nd place OA
Normal power = 188
Average speed = 19.98
Bike HR Avg = 173

Total – 3:20:27, 1st place FOA, 2nd place OA

Best part is... I made the OC REGISTER!