Friday, October 23, 2015

#PandaPower + Sockguy



A collaboration between Amanda Nauman and Sockguy

****UPDATE AS OF 2/1/16****

I'm home from USAC CX Nationals and my trip to Europe to race in the final two World Cups in January!
The last-minute nature of the trip to Europe has left me with some unexpected costs that I need to make up for. I have a little over 50 pairs of socks remaining and would love to sell out! 

4 new products have been listed. I received 4 Hoppy Trails hats from co-owner of Hoppy Trails when we did our Fundraising Raffle at G2 bike just before leaving for CXnats. We decided to throw these in to my PandaPower store so you can purchase the hat along with some socks if your heart desires! 
Buy a Combo package! Hoppy Trails Hat & pair of #PandaPower Socks for 
$45 & Free Shipping!
Only 4 hats are available in the store: Black/Camo, Green, Orange, and Red! Get it NOW if you want it!! Purchase the hat package and I will send you an email to sort out what size socks you would like in the package. Thanks!

****end UPDATE***

There are a limited number so hurry to get yours! This collection will help fund the remainder of Amanda's Cyclocross season through January 2016. A re-order will be put in place if there is high demand!

Similar listing with material and sizing description: Sockguy 6" Cuff

Online =

  • 1 for $18 [$3 shipping]
  • 2 for $35 [$3 shipping]
  • 3 for $50 [$2 shipping]
  • 5 for $75 [free shipping over $75]

If you're wondering, "Why so expensive?!" It's because you're not just paying for socks. You're also paying for Panda support to travel for the remainder of the 2015-16 cyclocross season. It's whole-heartedly appreciated. I wanted to find a way for people to show their support by sending me money but also getting something (like awesome socks that everyone can wear) in return as a thank-you and a way to flaunt your Panda support.

In person =

  • 1 for $15 
  • Special: Buy 2 for $25 if you're looking for extra panda watts

Here's a link to the remainder of my schedule for the season: Schedule & Rankings

#PandaPower socks
#PandaPower socks from the Panda+SockGuy collab are HERE!Available for purchase at this weekend's SoCalCross PRESTIGE SERIES Spookycross!More info coming soon...& Thx to Cross Propz for our new barriers!
Posted by SDG Factory Team on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Camo/Black Hoppy Trails Hat + #PandaPower Socks!

Green Hoppy Trails Hat + #PandaPower Socks!

Orange Hoppy Trails Hat + #PandaPower Socks!

Red Hoppy Trails Hat + #PandaPower Socks!

S/M x1

S/M x2

S/M x3

S/M x5

L/XL x1

L/XL x2

L/XL x3

L/XL x5


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Schedule & Updates

If you're wondering where I've been and what I've been up to, you probably haven't read my post from the beginning of September nor are you following me on social media.

My race reports have found a new home at

I'll try to keep this post updated with my current rankings when I remember to check:

UCI: 139
UCI American: 32
USAC Pro CX: 21

I've had a few inquiries about my schedule so here's the breakdown currently: