Monday, May 7, 2012

"Beauty & the Beast" - St. Croix 70.3

St. Croix 70.3
St. Croix, US Virgine Islands
May 6th, 2012

1.2 Mile Swim --- 56 Mile BIKE --- 13.1 Mile RUN

By far one of my most favorite races! Can’t really complain too much about the location, the distance, the atmosphere… everything went swimmingly!

I could write a book about my St. Croix experience, so I’ll spare you. I was so behind with my blog updates that I can’t do a full report now.. it wouldn’t do it justice.

Here are a few highlights:
·         Standing next to Lance Armstrong during the swim warmup to the island
·         Getting stared down by Lancey Pants as he ran down his last lap to the finish
·         Cheering on Andy Potts to a win
·         Getting second in my Age Group and sealing a spot to the 70.3 Champs in September!
·         Swimming in the beautiful waters of St. Croix
·         Staying at the Buccaneer Hotel… Beautiful views and great food
·         Snorkeling around the local islands the day after the race

Swim = 29:35 31/515
Pace = 1:29

Bike= 2:58:51, 171/515
Average power = 164
Average speed = 18.8
Bike HR Avg = 166
Elevation = +3245 ft

Run = 1:49:02, 159/515
Run pace = 8:20
Run HR Avg = 174
Elevation = +1336

Overall time = 5:17:28
Overall Place = 130/515 OA, 16th F with pros, 6th place amateur woman