Monday, January 27, 2014

Panda, swimmer, triathlete, project manager, dark-horse, cyclo-crosser...

I have been extremely busy as of late.
Cyclocross season takes a serious amount of time on top of a full-time job... and I'm still trying to get caught up on life, the 100+ emails in my inbox, and getting in some long slow miles on the bike. I could really use a few more hours in a day.

I always tell you I'm super busy, but yet I always find a way to make a few posts at the beginning or end of a major season. I promise to TRY and keep the posts more frequent...

But for now, please see the most recent Felt Bicycles Blog post... it's about yours truly and written by a legend in the road biking industry, Neil Browne.

Thanks to Louie Traub for this super-hero shot of me at CX Nats!!!

I have been called many things in my life, but these are a few names I am most recently proud of: panda, swimmer, triathlete, project manager, dark-horse, cyclo-crosser...

Yes, I still owe a more thorough report on Cyclocross season.
Yes, I still owe a comment on my MTB schedule.

Here are the plans right now:

  • March: Pro XCT Round 2 Bonelli, Pro XCT Round 3 Fontana, Keyesville 
  • April: Sea Otter (XC &/or CX, same day, dumb), Whiskey 50
  • June: US Cup West races in Big Bear
  • July: USAC Marathon MTB Nats (bc Sun Valley sounds way more awesome than Pennsylvania again) and the Crusher in the Tusharrrrr
  • .... after that, it's time for 'cross!

For now, cheers to an awesome CX season and plans for an equally awesome 2014 MTB season! More in the works!