Monday, March 12, 2012

[ECCC] Week 2

Second ECCC weekend!!!
“Grants Tomb Criterium” and the “Duck Country Circuit Race”

Jamie and I moved up to Women’s B this weekend!! Big move!
We both did really well the first weekend, so we decided to move up and take on the big guns for more points and longer races!

The Crit was soooooo much fun!!! It’s truly an awesome location in NYC and I’m glad I got to race it for the first time. I got 2nd place by just a hair!
Instagram photo at the race: amanda_panda_

Click here for the Crit Results:

The Circuit race was in Mountainside, NJ and it was a full on blast. I loved every second of it. I stayed with the lead group for the first 2 laps and then I broke away with a girl at the top of the steep hill on the 3rd lap. On the 4th lap, the A rider girl ahead of me just took off and I couldn’t stick with her, but I ended up holding off the other girls and snagging 2nd female in the wave and 1st place for the Women’s B riders!!!

Click here for the CR Results:

Moving up to B was a fantastic idea and I loved the higher level of racing! Can’t wait til the next one!

Here is a link to the ECCC Blog post for the weekend:
Instagram photo from the westsidehighway: amanda_panda_ 

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