Sunday, April 18, 2010

Collegiate Triathlon Nationals 2010 - Lubbock

Lubbock 2010
This race was crazy. The USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship at Buffalo Springs Lake on April 17th will forever be in our memories as a huge challenge. The weather was pitted against us. The water was freezing, the winds were disturbing, but thankfully the rains held back.

There’s no reason for me to do a full analysis of this race from start to finish. I went over it a million times with multiple people, so I’ll just go over the results.

My results from the race (placings in just my age group, undergrad female)

Swim 6:52
13th fastest
Clearly was not a half mile, more like a 500. It was over quickly, but that was a good thing considering the water temperature.

T1 2:29

Bike 1:19:49
22nd fastest 18.7mph average
Head winds could not have been more ridiculous. Felt like a standstill. But the tailwinds were super fun.

T2 2:18

Run 55:21
Definitely longer than just a 10k. Two laps, I pushed the second lap. Should have pushed it sooner.

Overall Finish Time 2:26:48

Last year I finished 131 in my age group. This year, I think 38th is a nice improvement : ) Had the swim been longer, and the run been the correct distance, I feel like I could have done even better. I can’t wait til next year’s race.

Final thing I should mention was the violent sickness I acquired when I got back to Stevens on Sunday night. I don’t even want to talk about it because it was so gross haha. Just take my word for it, it was nasty. We later discovered it was due to swallowing some of the Lake water during the swim. The runoff was apparently so dirty that multiple athletes got sick after the race. So gross.

Ok, that’s that. One more collegiate tri nats in the books, and one more to go..