Friday, December 10, 2010

ECACs 2010

ECAC WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS - 12/3/2010 to 12/5/2010

I have decided to post a discussion on my ECAC results up here because I am practically done with my collegiate swimming career and it’s my final hurrah before I am officially a triathlete for the rest of my life! Here are my individual event results. Hopefully they’ll be even faster at the end of February!

Friday PM:
1650 Freestyle = 17:46.17 (2nd place)

Last year at ECACs I went a 18:16.39. In February I went a 17:54.86, and with the full LZR in 2009 my time was a 17:47.76. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with my best mile time ever! Just the fact that I beat my full LZR time by a second was thrilling. Hopefully this will translate to an even more kick-ass time at the end of this Feb. In 2009 that time was good enough for an NCAA B cut, but this year the cut has dropped to a 17:39.80 and that’s my new goal!

Saturday AM:
200 Fly: 2:07.32 (2nd place)

Last year at ECACs I went a 2:15.45. In February I went a 2:10.28.
I blew myself away with a staggering performance that earned me an NCAA B cut!!! The cut is a 2:08.59 and I got it by over a second! Time to wreck that and maybe get the A cut? Dreamin big!

Saturday PM:
400 IM: 4:40.77 (5th place)

Last year at ECACs I went a 4:52.89 and that was my best time to date because it was the only time I had swam the 400IM since before I was in high school. The only reason why I did it last year was because I had never broken 5 minutes. This year I wanted to do it again just for the fun of it because I like the event even though I hardly train for it. The NCAA B cut is a 4:36.69, so I was only 4 seconds off of the cut! I don’t know if I’m swimming this at Empire 8’s, but I might want to.

Sunday AM:
500 Freestyle = 5:09.64 (4th place)

Last year at ECACs I went a 5:18.27. In February I went a 5:12.38, and the year before that with the full LZR I went a 5:12.21. Getting below my high school fluke time of a 5:14 was enough for me those two years ago, so I was pretty satisfied with getting under the 5:10 mark. I was actually disappointed with myself at the end of the race because I felt like I could have gone faster. But that’s just more fuel for February when I’ll hopefully crush that time and maybe snag the B cut of 5:05.36!

el capitans!