Thursday, October 25, 2012

ITU Age Group World Championships - Oct '12

ITU World Championships
Auckland, New Zeland

1500M SWIM --- 40km BIKE --- 10km RUN

My 2012 AAAAAAAA Race!

Swim= 21:37 – 8th fastest swim split in AG, 8th overall female swim split

T1= 3:23

Bike=1:07:28 – 1st fastest bike split in AG, 8th overall female bike split
Bike HR Avg = 164
With an elevation gain of 1309 feet according to my Garmin.

T2= 3:28

Run = 44:38
Run pace = 7:10 min/mile
Run HR Avg = 206 (Fairly certain this was inaccurate due to something spiking up the monitor)

Overall time = 2:20:36


Here are the official results from the International Triathlon Union page:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Playa Del Ray Triathlon - Oct '12

Playa Del Ray Triathlon
Dockweiler State Beach, Cali

1200m SWIM --- 40k BIKE --- 10k RUN

The last and final race the weekend before Auckland.
I was pretty weary about racing the weekend before my biggggg event, but this proved to be a fantastic race and I’m so glad I signed up. It boosted my confidence, reaffirmed all my training, and set me on the right speedy path to NZ. I would totally do this race again!

Swim – 15:12, 1st place FOA, 7th place OA

T1= 1:07

Bike – 1:03:17, 1st place FOA, 11th place OA
Normal power = 209
Average speed = 22.9
Bike HR Avg = 175

T2= 1:06

Run – 43:19, 2nd place FOA, 17th place OA
Run pace = 7:09 min/mile (total 6.07 miles according to Garmin)
Run HR Avg = 180

Total – 2:03:59, 1st place FOA, 12th place OA

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day at the Beach Triathlon - Oct '12

Day at the Beach Triathlon
Hermosa Beach, Cali

1/4 mile SWIM --- 10 mile BIKE --- 3 mile RUN

This was a tune-up sprint race leading up to Auckland… Speedwork!

Swim – 7:49, 1st place FOA, 13th place OA

T1= 1:21

Bike – 23:51, 1st place FOA, 8th place OA
Normal power = 223
Average speed = 22.92
Bike HR Avg = 173

Run – 20:39, 2nd place FOA, 46th place OA
Run pace = 6:53 min/mile
Run HR Avg = 192

Total – 54:48, 1st place FOA, 5th place OA

Monday, September 24, 2012

Orangeman - Sept '12

Doheny State Beach, CA

1.2mile SWIM --- 56mile BIKE

This was a fun race. My main motive for signing up was the fact that it was 56 miles of open road, mostly on a shut-down Ortega Highway. You can’t beat that! The first half was tough as nails climbing, but the downhill back half was pure awesome!

Swim – 29:30, 1st place FOA, 2nd place OA
T1= 2:23

Bike – 2:48:34, 1st place FOA, 2nd place OA
Normal power = 188
Average speed = 19.98
Bike HR Avg = 173

Total – 3:20:27, 1st place FOA, 2nd place OA

Best part is... I made the OC REGISTER! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eurotrip: July 2012

I went to Europe for the whole month of July this year....

Someday I'll write a quick summary of the whole ordeal. It was too epic to condense to a few paragraphs right now ; )


  • Belgium
    • Brussels
    • The 2012 Tour de France Prologue in Liege
  • Italy
    • Milan
    • Lake Como
    • Cinque Terre
    • Belagio
    • Venice
    • Florence
    • Rome
  • France
    • Discover France bike tour in the Pyrenees
    • Following the Tour de France and hanging out with the rockstars!
    • Biking in the Pyrenees
    • Paris
    • Meeting new friends in France
    • Picnicking under the Eiffel Tower
  • Running in every big city we visited was epic!! Without a doubt the best way to travel is with a pair of running shoes and access to a bike : )

arrivederci, Brad Pitt style

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Escape From Alcatraz.. Again. 2012

Escape From Alcatraz
San Francisco, California
June 10th, 2012

1.5 Mile Swim --- 18 Mile BIKE --- 8 Mile RUN

Round 2 of the Escape from Alcatraz adventure!
I qualified for this because I won my age group in 2011 and they always invite the previous champ back to defend his/her title. I figured I might as well accept it and make the drive to San Francisco since I was going to be back home in CA at that time anways.

I used my mom’s 2012 Felt ZW3 for this race because the bike elevation profile is either straight up or straight down for most of the race. I learned my lesson from the previous year, and since I had my mom’s new bike at my disposal, I decided to go for it with the road bike. It definitely proved useful! I could move much faster up the steep hills and I felt more confident on the technical curvy downhills.

Special shout out to Nicole Ogrosso and Gabby Czernik for cheering me on the whole time!!! Gabby came out to SF with the intention of racing, but an injury held her back and they allowed her to push the entry back to next year. Nicole had applied in the lottery, but since she didn’t make it, she wanted to come out for an SF trip anyways with Gabby. Pretty awesome! We did a swim warmup together the day before the race. Chilly, but super fun to be out in the SF bay with my Stevens swimming alumni friends!!

The race went very well. I was way more pleased with it than my 2011 out-of-shape performance. I redeemed myself on the run and the whole race was a good push. A couple girls in my age group passed me on the run and I got bumped to 3rd in my age group even with a huge time drop from last year. The new competition was a welcome rush!

Speaking of a rush, watching Mr. Andy Potts bike by me out on the course and then run by me in a flash as he was on the flats heading back to the finish line was AWESOME. As most of you probably know by now, I am a sucker for getting star struck. Just like last year, the awards ceremony was grand. I looooooved seeing the pros up close! Great day.s

Swim = 34:07, 84th OA, 3rd Division
Pace = 1:18

T1= 5:57

Bike= 1:01:06, 375 OA, 1st Division
Average power = 170
Average speed = 17.7  
Bike HR Avg = 171
Elevation =

T2= 1:29
Sand Ladder= 3:13

Run = 1:04:57, 334 OA, 3rd Division
Run pace = 8:08
Run HR Avg =
Elevation =

Overall time = 2:47:33
Overall Place = 168 OA, 24th Female OA, 3rd Division

Would I do this race again? Last year I said hell now after I finished. This year... Heck yes I’m entering the lottery!

Monday, May 7, 2012

"Beauty & the Beast" - St. Croix 70.3

St. Croix 70.3
St. Croix, US Virgine Islands
May 6th, 2012

1.2 Mile Swim --- 56 Mile BIKE --- 13.1 Mile RUN

By far one of my most favorite races! Can’t really complain too much about the location, the distance, the atmosphere… everything went swimmingly!

I could write a book about my St. Croix experience, so I’ll spare you. I was so behind with my blog updates that I can’t do a full report now.. it wouldn’t do it justice.

Here are a few highlights:
·         Standing next to Lance Armstrong during the swim warmup to the island
·         Getting stared down by Lancey Pants as he ran down his last lap to the finish
·         Cheering on Andy Potts to a win
·         Getting second in my Age Group and sealing a spot to the 70.3 Champs in September!
·         Swimming in the beautiful waters of St. Croix
·         Staying at the Buccaneer Hotel… Beautiful views and great food
·         Snorkeling around the local islands the day after the race

Swim = 29:35 31/515
Pace = 1:29

Bike= 2:58:51, 171/515
Average power = 164
Average speed = 18.8
Bike HR Avg = 166
Elevation = +3245 ft

Run = 1:49:02, 159/515
Run pace = 8:20
Run HR Avg = 174
Elevation = +1336

Overall time = 5:17:28
Overall Place = 130/515 OA, 16th F with pros, 6th place amateur woman

Monday, April 23, 2012

USATCN Sprint Relay

Collegiate Nationals Sprint Relay
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
April 21st, 2012

250m Swim --- 6k BIKE --- 1.6k RUN

This was a last minute idea courtesy of Coast Guard stud, Ian King. He came up to me shortly after my upsetting Olympic race and asked if I would be interested in joining his team for the relay because one of their girls had to drop out. I reluctantly agreed because he said I had a bike to borrow and heck, I needed something to make up for the poor performance from earlier. The race was short and painful, but it was an absolute blast, though!!! Thanks for the suggestion, Ian!

Swim = 3:38, 11/152 OA, 5/76 F
Pace = 1:20 (includes run I believe)

T1= 1:13

Bike= 10:07, 95/152 OA, 4/76 F
The thing about this bike split was that I had to borrow a bike from a girl on the coast guard team because it was a road-bikes-only kind of race. It was a bit awkward, but I hung on. Jumping on to that lead pack of girls was thrillllling! Total ITU style and it was bitchin! Such a rush.
Average speed = 22.1

T2= 0:38

Run = 7:17, 95/152, 31/76 F
Run pace = 7:19

Overall time = 22:51
Overall Place = 49/152 OA, 6/76 F

Follow my good friend Ian King here:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

USAT Collegiate Nationals 2012

USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
April 21st, 2012

1500m Swim --- 40k BIKE --- 10k RUN

I was over-prepared for this race and I under-delivered like no other race I’ve ever done. I wanted to do so well sooooo badly that I psyched myself out and gave myself some serious anxiety. Nothing could calm my nerves. I knew what I was capable of so much so, that the second I got on the bike and started feeling just slightly off my A-game, my world was over. “Why was this happening” is what I kept asking myself during the first loop of the bike course. A few girls passed me, but I held my own until the run started. If I had the run I was hoping for, I would have done well.

I would have nailed the spot I wanted to and maybe even jumped on that podium for the Graduate collegiate athletes if I won the mental game that day. But hey, it wasn’t my day. I don’t know what I did wrong specifically, but cramping and mental issues were my biggest enemies that day.

It was an okay race for the rest of the Stevens Tri team as well. Hah jk we were the number 1 Division 3 school!!!!!!!!

Swim = 20:40, 9/398 F,
Pace = 1:16

T1= 2:55

Bike= 1:11:02, 17/398 F
Average power = 183W
Average speed = 21.0
Bike HR Avg = 178

T2= 1:01

Run = 49:51, 199/398 F
Run pace = 8:02
Run HR Avg = 172 bpm
Elevation = 172 ft

Overall time = 2:25:27
Overall Place = 38/398 F