Sunday, April 22, 2012

USAT Collegiate Nationals 2012

USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
April 21st, 2012

1500m Swim --- 40k BIKE --- 10k RUN

I was over-prepared for this race and I under-delivered like no other race I’ve ever done. I wanted to do so well sooooo badly that I psyched myself out and gave myself some serious anxiety. Nothing could calm my nerves. I knew what I was capable of so much so, that the second I got on the bike and started feeling just slightly off my A-game, my world was over. “Why was this happening” is what I kept asking myself during the first loop of the bike course. A few girls passed me, but I held my own until the run started. If I had the run I was hoping for, I would have done well.

I would have nailed the spot I wanted to and maybe even jumped on that podium for the Graduate collegiate athletes if I won the mental game that day. But hey, it wasn’t my day. I don’t know what I did wrong specifically, but cramping and mental issues were my biggest enemies that day.

It was an okay race for the rest of the Stevens Tri team as well. Hah jk we were the number 1 Division 3 school!!!!!!!!

Swim = 20:40, 9/398 F,
Pace = 1:16

T1= 2:55

Bike= 1:11:02, 17/398 F
Average power = 183W
Average speed = 21.0
Bike HR Avg = 178

T2= 1:01

Run = 49:51, 199/398 F
Run pace = 8:02
Run HR Avg = 172 bpm
Elevation = 172 ft

Overall time = 2:25:27
Overall Place = 38/398 F

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