Sunday, July 4, 2010

2 Weeks to My First Half

4 july 2010

Happy Independence Day!

There are 2 more weeks until my first Half Ironman.
I have been training my butt off. Pretty much like it’s my job, because it is this summer.
So now that I’m starting taper, I thought I’d make some updates on how my hard weeks played out.

The week of the Redondo Sprint race I did 13:18 hours of training. It was a bit lower to rest up for the nice little sprint fun.

The week of Father’s Day totaled 18 hours.
Long bike on Tuesday was about 3 hours long. I took the road bike out and just explored a new area and went down a new bike trail, Peter’s Canyon Mountain to Sea Trail. I only went partway down it because it branches off and you have to catch back up to it after taking side streets and I didn’t know where to go.
Long run was about 1:45.

This week bumped up to a little over 19 hours.
Long bike turned into a long and HARD bike.. much to my dismay. I had to find a 90 minute stretch of road or trail where I never had to stop for a stop light. I thought it was impossible. And after arguing with Marc for a while, I finally decided to look up the Santa Ana River Trail that I had ridden with my dad last year. And surprisingly enough there is a 30 mile stretch of road with no stops. I had a venue, now I just needed the motivation to ride hard by myself for an hour and a half.
Well I did it and the entire thing was 70 miles in 4:06. And I surprised myself by enjoying the whole thing, minus some of the ridiculous head wind. Attached are some pictures from the day.

long day ahead..



Angel's Stadium along the way

Added to the long ride was upping the long run of the week to 2 hours.
Up ahead, the hardest week of training...

Final hard week bumped up to a little over 21 hours! Yikes.
Another long hard bike. Longer, but with the same amount of hard as last week. I went back to the same Santa Ana River Trail because it’s such an awesome stretch of road with no stopping. It ended up being 75.5 miles and finished at 4 and a half hours. Such a long time. There was 90 minutes of harder riding total, but broken up throughout the ride. The extra distance was round during a quick offshoot down PCH in Huntington. Lovely place to ride, definitely going to ride there more often from now on.
Long run of the week was tough. Ran down Huntington again. Total of 2:05 and 12.86 miles. Almost a half marathon, good enough for me.

That’s basically it. Those were my key workouts, and the long ones where I wish I could have done it with more people. But I’m over here by my lonesome training for a Half Ironman. Life is tough.

1 week to Carlsbad Sprint, 3rd year in a row
2 weeks to Vineman

Bring on the taper!

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