Saturday, July 17, 2010

1 Day to Vineman

Less than 10 hours to the race.

I'm on my computer with The Replacements playing next to the firefox program opened up to this blog and facebook.
The Replacements is by far my favorite sports movie ever created. Best rootin-for-the-underdog film. Thus, I’m playing it before the race. Garrison and I used to watch this film about every morning for a couple summers a few years back. He and I can mouth this movie word for word. Swear.
The “wide mouth bass” scene just came on : ) haha

Anywho. I’m beating around the bush.

Yesterday we (Mom, Dad and I) left the house around noon. We dropped the dog off and got gas, then we were on our way.

After about 7 and a half hours of driving, Santa Rosa appeared in the distance. Nice little driving tour of CA on our way up here. We checked in and got food at this place I found on my iphone gps. It was called Johnny Garlic’s and it was stellar. All I wanted was pasta and I was satisfied; so the chicken parm was heaven.

Bedtime at the Hilton Garden Inn.
Breakfast was surprisingly thorough.

Around 11:30 we went to the Windsor High School where the Race Expo was taking place. It was our check-in time for last names M-Z. It took some time, but we finally got all our crap and fancy t-shits. Then at 12:30pm we listened to the prerace talk. Everything about the talk was just about penalties and how not to get them. Basically, don’t draft, leave 7 meters between bikes, pass on the left, and you’re good to go. Understandable. As long as the course doesn’t get crowded I’ll be alright.

We went through all the bad traffic to get to the swim start. The river’s going to be 4-7 meters in depth during the entire portion of the swim. When we saw where the place was it was crazy. It was like a pretend beach with a bunch of mountain people all hanging out. I can’t even describe it.. Just not my type of people. Then, we drove all 56 miles of the bike course. And no bueno, all three of us were getting tired just driving it haha. It is absolutely beautiful and we drove by about 1000 vineyards.. so tomorrow’s going to be fun. We didn’t drive the run course, I didn’t want to psyche myself out. I know 13.1 miles is long, that’s all I need to know.

Next up, half hour bike ride warm-up. I rode around the airport, it was actually really awesome. Then I threw on the shoes and did an 18 minute easy run around the industrial business district near the hotel. Everything felt peachy. I know I feel physically ready.

As soon as I rode, I realized that I forgot something for my bike. I had set up the aerodrink with my dad before we left. But guess what I forgot? The straw. The straw and the yellow thingy that prevents splashing. Damnit.

After a quick shower we went back to Windsor High School and set up our Transition 2 stuff. Just shoes and stuff for the run portion. I decided against the fuel belt because there are aid stations every mile on the course.

Sigh of relief. All I needed now was food and rest and I was good to go. Well and I needed a straw. So I stopped at CVS and got lucky finding a thick plastic straw. We picked up a couple bagels for the morning at the market next door and then went to Applebee’s for dinner. I’m pretty sure we hadn’t been to that restaurant in foreverrrr before tonight. But I got a nice hearty place of whole wheat pasta with a bit of chicken and cream sauce. Good fuel, at least I hope.

Now I’m back in the hotel, and updating this blog instead of focusing on the first 2/3 of the race tomorrow. I still need to make sure I have all the food and stuff I need for the bike. I talked to Marc about nutrition stuff for like 2 minutes before it just got me upset. I know I need to drink. I know I need to eat. But I just don’t like thinking about the race. I know I should think about it, but I just want it to happen and not psyche myself out. Ugh. Let’s just get this over with. I signed up like 8 months ago for this thing and I’ve been training hardcore since I’ve been home. Let’s doooooooooo it.

Wish me luck!!!!


  1. You can do it!!!!! I wish you the best of luck. also you said, t-shits, hehe.

  2. Why hasn't there been an update yet?!?