Friday, August 9, 2013

Pre-USAT AG Nats and CX China Ramblings

This entry is a continuation of the previous to keep the thoughts separate post-MTB season.

I am currently en route to Milwaukee for USAT Age Group Nationals.

The last triathlon I did was back in March (almost 5 months ago, holy crap) for the Escape from Alcatraz of 2013. They had to hold the event earlier than normal this year because of the America’s Cup races in SF Bay, and that point in time was the beginning of the MTB Season. I decided that I was going to focus on that and then come back to triathlons towards the end of summer in time for this AG Nats race.

Back in March I didn’t have any plans to make a trip to Pennsylvania because I didn’t even think I’d be good enough to compete there. So my original idea to start more of a triathlon focus following CA State Champs was kyboshed when I realized I could do well in PA.

Because I went to MTB Nats, that gave me approximately 3 weeks of prep time for Wisconsin as opposed to the 2 months I had previously planned on.  No worries though, I think I’ll be ready to rock on Saturday with just the right amount of prep under my belt to go fast.

We’ll see how that goes!

Next up will be the cold, winter months of my first full Cyclocross season with the SDG Factory Team. Am I excited? Beyond excited!!! I can’t wait! Cyclocross is pure fun, hard work, and brass balls.  I’m just getting into the amazing community of people who surround the sport and fall more interested in it every day. It’s such a different world than the triathlon community and I love mixing up the people I surround myself with. Bicycles of all sorts draw such a wide variety of interesting people as I’ve come to learn the past couple years. It truly is fascinating and I love learning about all different types of people who are drawn to the two-wheeled, man-powered machines.

Well the one piece of exciting news that’s happened to me in regards to the world of CX is the invitation I received earlier this week to race in Yanqing, China for the first ever UCI Sanctioned Cyclocross race in China!!!! I have to thank the writers over at CX Magazine for helping with the selection process on that one.

They held a search via online applications to help the Chinese race promoters find some Elite athletes to receive all-expenses paid trips to China for the race.. and apparently my application was compelling enough to receive an invite! The only problem, and it is actually a BIG problem, is that the race is the Saturday of Interbike, the 21st. Yeah, I know, it’s pretty much impossible for me to make it. However, I am currently leaving it up to the CX gods to somehow give me a sign in the coming days as to whether or not I can make it happen.
The problem with traveling for Cyclocross races is that 1) you need a backup bike and 2) you need at least one other person to support you with that backup bike in the pit for whatever issues arise during the race. Even more of a reason why this trip is looking more and more unlikely, no matter how hard I try to convince myself there’s a slim chance of it working out.

Regardless,  I got an invitation to race in China for free. That’s pretty freaking awesome.
Definitely can’t say anything close to that has happened in my triathlon career.

On another positive note, I am currently signed up for the UCI Elite Womens race at Cross Vegas on September 18th. A few coworkers will be racing the Wheelers & Dealers race right before I take off, so it will be fun to cheer them on, race, then get straight to the beers : )

Other than that I will be racing some of the Socal Cross Prestige Series on a local level and traveling to a handful of UCI races on the road to USA CX Nationals in January. Stay tuned for more of those plans. Should be another fun adventure just waiting to be had!

'Cross is Coming

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