Friday, January 6, 2012

Mammoth Winter Trip 2012

Mammoth! During the winter! Finally!!!

Last year, Mammoth got a record high snowfall for the season.
Something crazy like 600+ feet of snow total.
This year, Mammoth has gotten verrrrrryyyy little snow.

Good Article Here:


pack pack pack, drive drive drive, eat eat eat
Sunset Drive


High altitude sickness around 3 am : (

First Lift!

Super sad that the 7 Bridges run was closed
Eat, snowboard, RUN!, eat, sleep
Here’s Mr. Garmin’s map of snowboarding: 
Here’s Mr. Garmin’s map of the run:


Eat, snowboard, P90X, eat at Base Camp Café!!!!, sleep
[P90X at 8000+feet blasting sicknasty music with Garrison was hilariously brutal]

Here’s Mr. Garmin’s map of snowboarding: 


RUN!, eat breakfast at Base Camp Café, drive drive drive home
nom nom nom breakfast at Base Camp Cafe
Here’s Mr. Garmin’s map of the run:
(Just a little variation of Tuesday's because I ran over the bridge in between Twin Lakes)

Loving me some high altitude training! I wonder to what extent these couple runs have benefitted me? Only time will tell.
Inspiration. Motivation.

High altitude Mammoth training camp, complete!

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