Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2 @ Felt Bicycles

I have just completed my second full day as a Felt employee, or a ‘Feltie’ as them call themselves around here. It has been a very fun and exciting experience so far and I am so grateful for how lucky I am to be in this position!

In my previous Alaska post I went into a little bit of the details about how I wound up here, so I won’t bore anyone with that again and you can just read it there.

The real reason why I’m posting this blog entry is because of the sick bike I had the opportunity to ride today. Y’all know I currently ride two Felts that have 650c wheels on them and it’s not a common practice because most people aren’t as short as me and/or require tiny wheels. So when I got here, I was instantly a hot topic of discussion because there aren’t many people who ride frames that require 650c wheels and it’s been a heated debate lately. This is because Felt has to determine which bikes they should make smaller sizes for depending on the demand and how likely they are to buy those bikes.

So for someone like me that is right at the in-between of the bike sizes that require a 650c or 700c wheels, I’m a perfect match to test out the difference in the frames and feels of the bikes. There’s another girl who works here named Eva who’s practically the same height as me and she’s got an F1 in the same size as my F75, a 48 I believe. However, she’s got 700c wheels on her bike!

My boss asked both of us to bring our bikes in so that I could throw my pedals on her bike and take it for a ride to see how it rides differently than mine. I was expecting it to feel a little different because the wheels were bigger. But there were so many other factors as to why it felt amazingly different.

First of all the frame was all carbon and the whole bike was as light as a feather. It seriously weighed nothing compared to mine. The components on it were SRAM and absolutely beautiful. It shifted buttery smooth.
I had such a blast riding it, mostly just filled with adrenaline because I was so stoked to be riding such a fast bike.

The only weird thing about the ride was climbing and standing up to pedal. It was totally different than my 2007 F75 and it felt so weird. I had to climb that first hill out of my neighborhood and it as super stiff and didn’t respond as well as my cheap road bike. But seeing as that was my only real complaint, the ride was pretty awesome.

 So awesome, in fact, that I stuffed up my crap in one backpack and decided to ride the bike to work the next day! I woke up earlier to do it so that I could get there with plenty of time to spare. It was just as awesome as I had remembered it the night before and biking to work was so enjoyable! I think I may start to make a habit of it because it’s so convenient.

So there you have it. My first experience with a ridiculously awesome and expensive Felt road bike : )

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